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CEO musings

CEO Musings
January, 2020

Fond Farewell from Sandy May

I thank every single person I have had contact with, each has left an imprint in some way and the friendships and closeness we have all shared is more than special. Knowing that my present relationship with Fairway will change on retirement—and perhaps a new one emerge—It seemed right to make some re-connections in the midst of ―de-connecting, and to this end I gathered up 4 ex Beaumaris’ High School students—who shared time together 55 years ago; I was one of them.

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CEO Musings
September, 2019

Maureen and Germaine – Strong Women

Maureen Tighe died too young, a brilliant mind lost too soon, decades before her parents.  She had many talents and her training as a microbiologist and research scientist has left a lasting legacy.  She was fascinated by the properties of wood and how the right treatment might render it more resistant to rot but without the toxic effect of prior preservatives.  Her work with colleagues at CSIRO resulted in an environmentally friendly treatment now used around the world for power poles and external wooden structures.

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CEO Musings
August, 2019

Nursing Sisters

Almost a century ago, when I was quite young in fact – I had just finished my nursing training and was booked in to do Midwifery at the Women’s Hospital in Carlton.  I had a six month wait so sought work close by in a small acute hospital in Bayside.

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