Personal care

Your wellbeing is our ultimate measure of success.

The care we offer addresses your physical and mental health, happiness, comfort and contentment. Whether in our memory support program, daily healthcare requirements or specialist treatment, our medical care is delivered 24 hours a day by our highly trained, dedicated and professional nurses and personal carers working as a team in full collaboration with our expert Director of Care of Clinical Services and Clinical Care Coordinator.

At Fairway, medical management is overseen by your GP in collaboration with nursing staff – your team. Your team will consult with you and your family and supporters to create an individual health care plan, which is regularly monitored and communicated, giving you peace of mind at all times. Our allied health team and staff are trained to monitor mobility and pain prevention.

We will always listen to your wishes and your concerns about your health.

We will work together with you to build a trusting relationship, and because we know each other so well we’re highly clinically alert to any changes or deterioration in your health.

In the case of acute illness, we will call on Alfred Hospital’s Mobile Assessment and Treatment Service, a doctor and nurse team that can treat you in your own room at Fairway. They will of course consult your regular GP and follow up accordingly. There is also the peace of mind of Sandringham Hospital next door if the situation requires.


Lifestyle program

The difference between existing and truly living is the attention paid to the social, spiritual, emotional and intellectual needs of people.

We offer a huge range of social and creative interests to become involved in. Choice is the thing and there are outlets for all personality types from those who enjoy reading and passive interests through to those who relish outings on the bus or “Cycling Without Age” by the beach.


Enriched living program

The daily services at Fairway are of the highest possible standard, but sometimes you need a little more. For an extra charge, we can offer ‘enriched living’ experiences that include additional wining and dining options and extra lifestyle programs.

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Palliative care patient at Fairway

Palliative care

We approach the transition to palliative care with sensitivity, treating you with dignity and respect at all times.
The palliative care journey is most successful when embarked upon with full trust and excellent communication. We will listen to your wishes and include your family and supporters at every opportunity.


Allied health services at Fairway

Allied health services

Our allied health professionals provide crucial support to our residents by attending to their physical and mental health. Our residents have access to group exercise classes held by one of our physiotherapists as well as develop a treatment plan to treat and work with our residents to prevent disease and disability through movement and exercise.