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Choosing Fairway is to choose peace of mind

Fairway isn’t just like home – when needs change it can be even better.

At Fairway Aged Care Bayside Melbourne, our commitment extends beyond quality of care to holistic wellbeing. We offer a vibrant, safe living environment that allows you to continue living as you choose, with a little bit of extra help. Individual care and quality services, delivered 24 hours a day with expertise and kindness by our team of staff and volunteers.

Fairway also stands apart from the majority of residential aged care homes by offering a Wellness Centre. It is a soothing, calming and relaxing environment where you are supported and encouraged to maintain your mobility and passion for life. In the Wellness Centre you can also access physiotherapy, massage services, podiatry and tai chi.


The benefits of living at Fairway

Fairway’s unique services include:

  • 24-hour care provided by expert staff overseen by a registered nurse
  • A high care wing featuring specialised high dementia care and personalised lifestyle programs
  • A respectful palliative care program
  • A daily lifestyle program and Enriched Living Program with countless choices including weekends
  • An extensive allied health program including physiotherapy, massage and podiatry
  • Delicious home-cooked meals catering to all dietary requirements
  • Cleaning and laundry services
  • Maintenance and gardening services
  • Administration and support services


Personal care

All residents have health issues, either physical, cognitive or a combination of both.

Clinical issues are of vital concern and all residents are closely monitored. The resident’s GP oversees all medical orders in collaboration with nursing staff. Direct care is provided by nurses and personal carers over the 24-hour continuum. Medications, wound care, observations, treatments and nursing interventions are managed with expertise and confidence.


Lifestyle program

The difference between existing and truly living is the attention paid to the social, spiritual, emotional and intellectual needs of people.

We offer a huge range of social and creative interests to become involved in. Choice is the thing and there are outlets for all personality types from those who enjoy reading and passive interests through to those who relish outings on the bus or “Cycling Without Age” by the beach.


Allied health services at Fairway

Allied health services

Our allied health professionals provide crucial support to our residents by attending to their physical and mental health. Our residents have access to group exercise classes held by one of our physiotherapists as well as develop a treatment plan to treat and work with our residents to prevent disease and disability through movement and exercise.


Enriched living program

The daily services at Fairway are of the highest possible standard, but sometimes you need a little more. For an extra charge, we can offer ‘enriched living’ experiences that include additional wining and dining options and extra lifestyle programs.

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Palliative care patient at Fairway

Palliative care

We approach the transition to palliative care with sensitivity, treating you with dignity and respect at all times.
The palliative care journey is most successful when embarked upon with full trust and excellent communication. We will listen to your wishes and include your family and supporters at every opportunity.