Expansion Project


We’re building an even better Fairway

I am delighted to announce the expansion of Fairway has been approved. Our expansion will bring about positive outcomes such increased capacity, a new basement area for undercover parking, improved services and expanded, modernised amenities. We are excited to see the economic benefits, the community impact and long term viability, most importantly contributing to the well-being of our residents and the overall success of Fairway.

Development Plans

Basement Plan

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Ground Floor Plan

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First Floor Plan

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Temporary Access

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Key Dates


  1. From 12 pm on Monday, 15 April – end of house 2 activated as the main entrance into and exit from Fairway. Quick drop-off area active. Deliveries and waste collection to all use this area, too. Refer to map as to how to get from the Fairway frontage along Bluff Road to the new side entry;
  2. From Monday, 15 April – administration and CEO offices moved to the end of house 2, while the Director of Care office relocated to house 4 eastern area (across the salon); and
  3. End of April – commencement of works for new Business / Finance Manager office across the previous Board room (adjacent to Activities Room).


  1. Mid-May – anticipated completion of conversion of Board room into two new bedrooms;
  2. Mid- to late May – anticipated commencement of construction of two new bedrooms; and
  3. Service relocation (power) – there will be two brief power outages as a result.

i. Monday, 13 May, from 1 pm for up to 2 hours (then Fairway uses a generator); and
ii. Wednesday, 15 May, or Thursday, 16 May, from 1 pm for up to 2 hours (for when Fairway is now on the new main power line).


As we embark on an exciting expansion journey at Fairway, we understand you may have questions about how the alterations will impact parking, access, and the overall timeline of the project. From visitor parking arrangements during construction to accessing Fairway and understanding the staging of works, we’ve compiled a detailed FAQ guide to address your queries. This guide also covers specifics on disabled parking arrangements and how deliveries will be managed during this period.

For in-depth information on these topics and more, please click below to download our full FAQ guide. Your understanding and cooperation as we enhance Fairway for our residents and their families are greatly appreciated.