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  • Your way

    is our way.

    We believe some things don’t need to change with age.

    At Fairway, we strive to provide an environment where you
    can continue living life to the fullest.
    Fairway is not just like home —
    when needs change it can be even better.



Some things don’t need

to change with age

As we get older, physical limitations may cause us to change how and where we live. It’s just a reality of life — at sometime most of us are likely to need a little help and support to safely do what once came effortlessly.

Regardless of age, some things don’t need to change. We can retain our interests and our passions and always strive to preserve our individuality. We should always expect to live in a safe and comfortable environment in which we are able to engage with family, friends and community, as and when we choose. We will always value kindness.


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Peace of mind

There really is no place like home, but for many older people there comes a time when what was once a familiar and happy place can become stressful, uncertain and lonely.

When the time is right, Fairway provides a better, safer living environment with peace of mind for residents and their families to continue living as they choose, even when they need a little help to do so. Quality care and support services, delivered with expertise and kindness, 24 hours a day.


Wellbeing — it’s fundamental to living an enjoyable life and the wellbeing of our residents is the ultimate measure of our success.

Good health is vital — both physical and mental, but it is one part of the picture. True wellbeing is about health, happiness, comfort and contentment — this is our focus.


Lifestyle — this is our defining quality. Fairway’s lifestyle options set us apart from traditional aged care providers.

Our care services are of the highest possible standard — that’s our job and we do it exceptionally well. However, it is our Lifestyle options that define the Fairway experience. By providing the broadest, most engaging and personalised range of lifestyle activities and options possible, we ensure that our residents can continue to enjoy life-long pastimes, discover new experiences and actively participate in groups and communities, as and when they choose.

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CEO Musings
January, 2020

Fond Farewell from Sandy May

I thank every single person I have had contact with, each has left an imprint in some way and the friendships and closeness we have all shared is more than special. Knowing that my present relationship with Fairway will change on retirement—and perhaps a new one emerge—It seemed right to make some re-connections in the midst of ―de-connecting, and to this end I gathered up 4 ex Beaumaris’ High School students—who shared time together 55 years ago; I was one of them.

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Are you eligible?

Residential Aged Care provides full time care services as required and meets all general living requirements including meals, laundry, cleaning, building maintenance and insurance as well as utilities costs.

Fairway has a three step application process for permanent residential aged care. Find out if you are eligible today with a quick and easy assessment.

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We listen.
We respect.
We care.