Resident’s room

Your room is your space at Fairway, a place where you can relax, recharge and reflect.

Furnishings and items from home help create your sanctuary, while we provide everything you need to be safe, comfortable and supported.

Rooms at Fairway are generously proportioned single occupancy spaces, with room to sleep, relax and dine. An ensuite bathroom has everything you need including safety rails, as well as room for assistance by a carer if required. A picture window gives you an enlivening view of the landscaped gardens, and you’re welcome to make the garden immediately outside your window your own.

We provide a modern, electronically adjustable single bed and bedside table, as well as a built-in double wardrobe. The sitting area allows enough space for a small sofa and one or two lounge chairs, a coffee table, bookshelf and TV. You can entertain friends and family as you always have in the dining area, making use of the small kitchenette with a sink, storage units and space for a small fridge.



The main dining area is centrally located and, like the lounge areas, has natural lighting and views to the garden and courtyard.


Resident room

The rooms are generously proportioned with an average size of 20.7 square metres and are located off wide central corridors in each wing of the facility.


Café Frida

This is the newest innovation at Fairway – a stylish and contemporary café on the theme of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954). Her art was full of colour and life.


Activities room

Our activities room is where the majority of our fun-filled lifestyle activities take place. Residents and families are able to book a room for private functions.




The state-of-the-art Hairdressing Salon opened late last year and has proved very popular with residents. It is a light and airy space filled with all comforts and amenities.