The lifestyle program

at Fairway

Some things don’t need to change with age.

We love laughter and fun. We love quiet times to reflect together or alone. We love good food and a glass of wine, and music and movement. We love the things we have always loved, and Fairway’s broad range of lifestyle options means we have endless opportunity to discover new passions and interests – with new friends and old.



Enhancing our residents’

quality of life

Fairway is a community of independent residents with diverse backgrounds, rich experiences and wide and varied interests to share.

We pride ourselves on embracing these backgrounds and supporting these interests, while introducing a program of activities to engage and nourish mind, body and soul, including:

– High teas
– Bibliography and literature groups
– Walking groups
– Newspaper reading
– Conversation groups
– Mahjong
– Indoor golf
– Movies

– Visiting musicians and entertainers
– Spiritual services
– Major cultural celebrations
– Bus outings
– Trivia
– Quizzes
– Craft
– Visiting library services



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Cycling Without Age

Fairway is the first aged care facility to introduce Cycling
Without Age which is a community initiative that started in
Copenhagen in 2012.

Fairway was one of the first aged care facilities in Australia to embrace the Cycling Without Age initiative; a chauffeur-ridden cycling service that started in Denmark in 2012.

Residents are encouraged to participate and feel the thrill of the ‘wind in their hair’ as they are pedalled down by the beach. This way, our frail elderly can joyfully reconnect with the Bayside community wherein they lived and raised families. Pilots (volunteer riders) take them on local coastal bike paths; ensuring comfort and safety in the front seat of a custom-built bike. It has been a huge success!

We would like to thank Bayside Council – Inclusive Bayside Partnership Program for their ongoing support and generous grant towards the purchase of our third Cycling Without Age Triobike,

This action-packed, daily schedule of events wouldn’t be possible without our inspirational lifestyle manager. Our team of 40 volunteers and nine staff members work together in support of the Montessori educational philosophy of ‘enablement and connectedness’.

Residents enjoying some time with the bikes.  Click here to watch the video.


Medical and Nursing

All residents have health issues, either physical, cognitive or a combination of both.

Clinical issues are of vital concern and all residents are closely monitored. The resident’s GP oversees all medical orders in collaboration with nursing staff. Direct care is provided by nurses and personal carers over the 24 hour continuum. Medications, wound care, observations, treatments and nursing interventions are managed with expertise and confidence.


Cafe Frida

Café Frida is a colourful and vibrant part of the Fairway community.  It is a cheerful and positive addition to our unique services.  Residents and their families can relax and enjoy delicious snacks baked in-house, barista-style coffee and other beverages.  Café Frida’s colourful décor is welcoming and joyful.  A convivial place for lively conversation and good company,  it provides  another opportunity for  friendly social interaction.


Enriched Living

The daily services at Fairway are of the highest possible standard, but sometimes you need a little more. For an extra charge, we can offer ‘enriched living’ experiences that include additional wining and dining options and extra lifestyle programs.


Palliative Care

We approach the transition to palliative care with sensitivity, treating you with dignity and respect at all times.

The palliative care journey is most successful when embarked upon with full trust and excellent communication. We will listen to your wishes and include your family and supporters at every opportunity.

Woman playing piano - Dementia Care Melbourne specialist

Innovative Dementia Living

Our home-like dementia living area is a safe, calm and secure space, set within beautiful surroundings. It’s a place full of life and optimism, where music and art therapy allow residents to express themselves and activities and entertainment are thoughtfully considered and contribute to the residents’ quality of life. A recreated 1950s kitchen offers a unique kind of reminiscence therapy for residents, transporting them often to some of their happiest moments.

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We listen.
We respect.
We care.