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Colourful Words

I’m interested in swearing.  After all nothing is as satisfying as a good old expletive when the situation warrants it and you don’t offend.

We live in times where anything goes (almost) and as always swearing is an expression of our cultural norms as well as a means of communicating emotions and a safety valve for stress.

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October, 2018 by

Fairway – the best of care      (03) 9599 4199 OCTOBER 2018 Fairway - the best of care   Despite bracing ourselves for a torrid...
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July, 2018 by

Donuts and Dietary Thoughts      (03) 9599 4199 JULY 2018 Donuts and Dietary Thoughts   Nothing says ‘Tuckshop’ – at least of my...
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June, 2018 by

Bonnie Fundraiser and More      (03) 9599 4199 JUNE 2018 Bonnie Fundraiser and More   Greetings to all, Did you know that the...
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Words, Words, Words      (03) 9599 4199 MAY 2018 Words, Words, Words   Greetings to all Words, words, words our days, nights...
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We listen.
We respect.
We care.