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Maureen and Germaine – Strong Women

Maureen Tighe died too young, a brilliant mind lost too soon, decades before her parents.  She had many talents and her training as a microbiologist and research scientist has left a lasting legacy.  She was fascinated by the properties of wood and how the right treatment might render it more resistant to rot but without the toxic effect of prior preservatives.  Her work with colleagues at CSIRO resulted in an environmentally friendly treatment now used around the world for power poles and external wooden structures.

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August, 2019 by

Nursing Sisters

Almost a century ago, when I was quite young in fact – I had just finished my nursing training and was booked in to do Midwifery at the Women’s Hospital in Carlton.  I had a six month wait so sought work close by in a small acute hospital in Bayside.

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Fairway Connections

My Grandfather Alexander May died long before I was born.  He owned some excellent cattle country in Gippsland.  When he died my Dad, Noel, took a quarter of the legacy and moved to the big smoke of Melbourne.  My Aunt, “Sister Nancy May” stayed in Yarram and worked for the local GP Dr Martin – then she nursed Grandma May until the old lady died.   After this Nancy purchased a house in Gray Court, Beaumaris, I have just rebuilt on this site.

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March, 2019 by

Goodbye Beautiful Kate

Pamela Wolf was a gentle and gracious woman. She came to Fairway on 19th July 2017 with the constant attention of her 2 daughters: Andrea and Kate.  I can see them now walking up the corridor together. Tall, impressive women but all gentle and friendly.

Pamela had some great early months with us. She pushed herself to keep walking and worked hard in therapy to maintain her mobility.  But the inevitability of advanced age and confusion led to her injuring her leg twice – once a contusion and then by a fall.

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Domestic Violence Survivor

Last week I was chatting to a young lass “Lisa” who lived in country Victoria.  She is a beautiful and cheery person; we’ve chatted about many things over the last few years when she visits the city on business. I know a little about her family; she is one of 4 and probably about 25 or so.  She’s single and adores her niece and nephew the only grandchildren in the family. I’ve seen their photos with their Mother; Lisa’s eldest sister.  They are all extremely good looking and photogenic, heads tossed back with laughter in most of the shots “How gorgeous” I thought.

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We respect.
We care.